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    LVBS A/C System has everything business owners need to take control of their bookkeeping.


    LVBS A/C System features a clean, simple interface and intuitive reporting, meaning even newcomers can get up to speed quickly.


    LVBS Accounting system is fully compliant with the Financial Accounting Standards for audit and tax purposes.


  • LVBS Demo Fees

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    LVBS ONLINE demonstration is only at
    RM 1.00.

  • LVBS Mobile Apps membership System

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    LVBS Mobile Apps membership system functions include sales catalogue for members to search the products information with their own handphones. This makes member easy to have necessary information to speed up the customer’s buying process.


    After the buying decision made, member can direct order their products from mobile phone, instantly the company will receive the order at the same time.  This efficiently simplify the business operations.


    Moreover, the company can advertise and promote their product through mobile apps.


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    LVBS POS is a great POS system for anyone that wants to get set up quickly.


    It works with any standard barcode or receipt printer, and its software is very easy to understand.


    In fact, LVBS POS Now “can be fully operational in just 15 minutes.”


    LVBS POS would be a good fit for most retail businesses, but a great one for businesses with complex inventories. Because the system is fully tight and integrated with stock and Accounting system.

  • LVBS Restaurant

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    LVBS provides a full-on point of sale system specifically designed for restaurants.


    Key restaurant management features include detailed inventory tracking, custom kitchen workflows, and mobile ordering and payment processing capabilities.


    The system works well with cafes, food trucks, and full-service restaurants for customizing the workflows between kitchen, bar, floor staff, and management.

  • LVBS Stock System

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    LVBS stock system designed for retail, wholesale sectors.


    The aim of the system is to provide continuous product availability in required quantity at the right place and in due time; reduce excess inventories (over-stocks), decrease out-of-stock levels and consequently lost sales.


    Every inventory transaction has an audit trail to track back to the business function that created it.